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Getting back to work...

2014-07-06 11:07:56 by CheeseCakeLOL

Hellew, dear newgrounders!

I decided to get my shit back together and start working again! I will be doing pixel art mostly.

And I'm helping KimoLemonHead with his last animation and his comics for StoryShift!

awe moy gode...

2014-05-28 06:01:45 by CheeseCakeLOL

Ohey, fellow Newgrounders and Tom Fulp sex slaves!


I recently transferred my account from JudeMedli to this one.
I've come to realize that JudeMedli isn't a much of a cool nickname... It's just my name + a half girl half bird character from WindWaker... idfk

So, I've decided to make a new account with a nicer nickname and a lot easier to remember! *for people, not for me... durn be a fergert*

SO YEAH EXPECT MORE STUFF TO COME OUT FROM ME SOON! *wait... I feel like that sounded dirty*